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group exhibition with Lorraine Biggs, Penny Burnett, Maggie Jeffries and Ochre Lawson


26 June – 21 July 2019

Opening Wednesday 26 June 5.30pm

Four artists bringing their lush, native botanical inspired works together in one exhibition.

Lorraine Biggs is a visual artist, living on the East Coast of Tasmania. Painting and drawing make up the major portfolio of her work although she also explores sculpture, photography and design projects. Lorraine’s main focus is the natural world where she explores diverse ecosystems through detailed works. New bodies of work can take two or three years with immersion into forest, coastal or weather themes often researched through residencies.

Penny Burnett lives and works in Hobart, her paintings focus on our relationship with space and nature. She uses the motif of the garden to expose tensions between nature and culture, authority and agency, and to bring the viewer’s attention to the act of looking. Formally trained in the atelier method at the National Art School in Sydney, Burnett is versed in the painterly gestural language of rendering space. In her practice she brings her skills into a speculative terrain to question how screen-based media have shifted both the rendering and perception of pictorial space.

Maggie Jeffries: “Since I was a child, I have been drawn to painting and drawing plants. Each of these artworks represent a specific location and feature plants that grow in that area – spaces that hold significance to me or that I feel have a particular relevance. The images are inspired by a collection of separate photographs taken of these places and the plants that grow within them and then collaged together to form the composition of each painting. In this way the paintings themselves exist as if they are a memory of a place – fragmented, yet pieced together, in response to recollection over time.”

“My interest as an artist is to depict wilderness landscapes in all their immensity and my relationship to it through an emotional response firstly working en plein air, then back in the studio from sketches and memory of place. Though the visceral nature of paint, mark making, the calligraphic drawn line, form, memory and emotional response to the landscape, I attempt to represent the diversity and awesome quality of our unique wilderness areas.” Ochre Lawson 2018


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Despard Gallery
15 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point TAS, Australia

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