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Box Forts and Kokeshi – an exhibition by Nicholas Hopwood

presented by The Henry Jones Art Hotel - exhibition launch Friday 6th May, 5:30pm in The Packing Room gallery.


The Henry Jones Art Hotel is proud to present Box Forts and Kokeshi, an exhibition by Nicholas Hopwood, People’s Choice Prize winner at the 2021 Henry Jones Art Prize.

Exhibition launch – Friday 6th May 5:30pm, The Packing Room at The Henry Jones Art Hotel, and viewable until mid-June.

Nicholas is a self-taught realist oil painter, living and working in the Huon Valley / Tahun’e-linah, Tasmania / Lutruwita. Drawing inspiration from daily life in and around the valley; finding universal truths in the faces of loved ones, and in the objects surrounding him.

Drawing on my experience of the past eighteen months, this exhibit offers glimpses into my private everyday life;
From objects collected,found and gifted;
Portraits of those near and dear;
To narrative figurative works.
Uniting these three seemingly disparate threads is a bond in which all paintings are expressions of the beauty I find in the mundane, the day to day, of home life.”



“I love paintings, for as long as I can remember I have loved paintings, for me there has always been a sense of wizardry and magic within them that directly touches my heart.

“In early 2020, prompted by the pandemic, I re-evaluated my life. I decided to quit working as a light vehicle mechanic, a job which I had done for many years, and dedicate myself to art, which I believe is my true calling. Now working full-time in the studio, my only regret is that I didn’t have the courage to make the necessary changes much sooner.

“I love to paint, I love the feel of brushing paint on canvas, of squeezing paint from the tube, love the smell of oil and solvent. I love the process and the outcome of making paintings.”

— Nicholas Hopwood

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Box Forts and Kokeshi – an exhibition by Nicholas Hopwood

The Henry Jones Art Hotel
25 Hunter Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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