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Clifford How – Sojourn, cradle and beyond


Definition of the word ‘Sojourn’ is a ‘temporary stay’ or ‘to stay in a place for a time’.

This word has perfect relevance, both in a physical and mental rendering, for the creation of this exhibition. Repeated expeditions over the past few years into Tasmania’s iconic Cradle Mountain area have been necessary, not only to accumulate visual reference material for later studio work, but to meditate whilst in this primal terrain on its unseen qualities.

It is these qualities that move us and allow us to experience the landscape on another level. This ‘mood’ that drives my work and hopefully fills the imagination of the viewer. From deep ancient tarns nestled in dolerite basins to exposed plateau sedge land, these paintings hopefully transport the viewer on a subconscious level.

The rugged identity of this elevated landscape is encapsulated in the physically textured nature of these works. The paintings are as much about material, paint application and the enticing power of mark making, as they are about our experience with the landscape.

Despite Cradle Mountain being one of the State’s most visited and photographed destinations, some of these works focus on the unseen — the quiet corners that are mostly unnoticed or are overshadowed by the mountainous grandeur. It’s these quiet corners in which we can truly think deeply about our place in this ancient and truly beautiful part of the state.

Kings Bridge-Cataract Gorge
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Clifford How

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Clifford How – Sojourn, cradle and beyond

Handmark – Hobart
Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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