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The Mountain Dragon and Quaver

New paintings by Corinne Costello and jewellery by Di Allison


Corinne Costello –

KURAOKAMI the Winter Dragon is the Japanese Shinto deity of rain and snow.
In mythology Izanagi and Izanami, siblings of the Winter Dragon, gave birth to the islands and gods of Japan. This exhibition is based on my recent travels to Japan and continued interest in oil painting as an exploration of the aesthetics of pictorial and psychological space from an Eastern perspective.
Finding inspiration in the mythological story of the Winter Dragon and the Floating World of Edo Japan, my work traverses between figuration and abstraction. The painting constantly changes between form and formless, between the familiar and unfamiliar. I strive for a painting that has a sense of the mysterious, organically hovering and dissolving over the surface
of the canvas.

Di Allison –

The jewellery contained in the exhibition Quaver takes inspiration from the poetics and materiality of music and draws upon the imagery of song titles and lyric fragments.
Many of the pieces explore ideas contained within the words themselves while others look to the tactile nature of both adornment and music, with jewellery-like components such as guitar strings and guitar plectra being teamed with more traditional jewellery techniques and materials. Musical symbols, notation, scales and octaves are also referenced, while other works reflect upon
the theatrical nature of performance and the exploration of identity.


Unity 3 Drop Earrings
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Di Allison

Designers, Jewellers

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The Mountain Dragon and Quaver

Handmark – Hobart
Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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