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Dark Park – Ogoh-ogoh


Come and play. You dark horse, you.

In Balinese Hinduism, ogoh-ogoh (demon-like sculptures) are crafted, carried, and cremated as a form of mass purification. We’re staging a cleansing of our own, two different ways.

_ The Purging

While you’ve been at home eating TeeVee Snacks, Tasmanian students and Indonesian artists have been hard at work crafting our very own ogoh-ogoh. Pay your respects at Dark Park: for the duration of the festival, we’re inviting you to scribble your deepest, darkest fears and secrets all over the beast.

_ The Burning – Sun 21 June, 6pm

Bear the weight of the community’s fear on your shoulders. Starting at Dark Park, ogoh-ogoh (both big and small) will snake their way through our waterfront bacchanal, before arriving at their final resting place to go up in ceremonial smoke and flames.

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Dark Park – Ogoh-ogoh

8a Evans Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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