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Works by Kim Foale and Philadelphia Hanson-Viney


Diabolical Ceramicist, Kim Foale
Intrepid Artist at Large
Philadelphia Hanson-Viney
combine to bring you Desolata.

Scanographs by Hanson-Viney fill the walls of the Sidespace Gallery with a brooding energy, darkly complementing the slip cast and hand built sculptural ceramics of Foale.

“My work reflects on nature as a mesh of growing, decaying, distorting and transforming objects feeding into one another. I focus on the small things and the remnants: dead plant matter, insects, bones, dirt, dust which become the basis of something else; the material of the next iteration of life. Caught in the dead part of the cycle, they hover on the edge of recognisability or linger at a point of ambiguity, transient and borderless.”
Philadelphia Hanson-Viney

“If ever there was a sentence that encapsulated my modus operandi it would be,
I wonder what happens if I just do this.
I wonder what happens if?
Sometimes magic happens. Clay Magic.”
Kim Foale

Friday 31 March – Sunday 16 April 2017

Friday 31 March 2017 @ 6:30pm
Exhibition to be opened by Glen Dunn

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77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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