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New paintings by Tasmanian artist James Walker


With dark monochromatic tones and emotion texture, James Walkers latest body of work display both the marvel of aviation and the folly of warfare. In this new suite of works man is given wings and the tools to battle the skies. Painted plumes of dying engine smoke combine with the upper atmosphere to hold in time moments of gravity defying heroism and the horror and loss of aerial conflict.


oil on canvas, 34 x 56cm
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James Walker

Visual artists

Tasmanian painter represented by Handmark

n. sadness that you’ll never be able to know how history will turn out.

When I was six my father bought a model of a Heinkel bomber and this
coincided with my discovery that I loved to draw. The kit featured an action
packed scene on the cover, which started a fascination for World War Two

I dare to assume that most young boys have a fascination for the excitement
of a conflict, and the imagery portrayed in history books, artworks and war
comics plays a part in conditioning us to secretly yearn to be participants in
this seemingly great adventure.
The shapes, forms, sounds colours, symbols and movement associated with
aircraft such as a Messerschmitt or a Spitfire and the supposedly chivalrous
conduct of the pilots as they joust through the third dimension created a
fantasy that dominated my childhood.
As I grew and began to realise my own mortality I started to consider things
from another perspective. The horror of realising that the adventure is over
as you start the lonely fall and the horror it may not have existed at all.
This can also act as a metaphor for many of the choices made in life. It’s easy
to be seduced into a fantasy only to discover it was just a façade. How
terrifying to suddenly realise you’ll never escape to discover what could have
happened. What didn’t happen.

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Handmark – Evandale
2 Russell Street, Evandale, Tasmania, Australia

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