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envelop(e) is a group exhibition of sound and light works


envelop(e) is a group exhibition of sound and light works, simple pockets of space that contain sound and light environments.

The exhibition is curated by Matt Warren with works by Julian Day, Mick Harris aka Lull, Jason James, Christina Kubisch, Elizabeth Veldon.

The overall room can be likened to a secular ‘church’, a mood-altering space with sound chambers on the perimeter and a light environment in the centre which is a kind of luminant threshold that exisits between the chambers. The room can be seen as refuge from the cold outside. And although the artists are not there to guide you to answers and enlightenment, they have created immersive worlds and alternatives to the darkness that surrounds us in our troubled time and world outside.

This show will include the works of: Mick Harris (aka Lull) combining the works Moments and Continue to create an immersive sound environment; Julian Day creates droning, multi electronic instrument-based installation; Elizabeth Veldon interprets the reportage of Charles Darwin’s visit to Hobart town on on the HMAS ‘Beagle’ in 1836; Christina Kubisch creates sound compositions based on electromagnetism; and Jason James’ interactive light environment, a kind of liminal space between the sounds.

envelop(e) is presented in partnership with MONA as part of Dark Mofo 2015.

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Contemporary Art Tasmania
27 Tasma Street, North Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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