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every night, day bright

Ray Firth solo exhibition at Wild Island Gallery


Ray Firth grew up in Moree on the dry north west plains of New South Wales, going to university in Sydney to study architecture. He worked as an architect until the early 1990’s, when a near fatal accident led him to reassess his direction. Firth started painting around that time and since then has taken it up on a full time basis, painting and exhibiting around Australia.  His first exhibition was a solo show at the Burnie Street Gallery in Sydney in 1991.

Firth’s work is a response to the patterns and textures of the land, the sky and the landscape generally. He has a preference for bright patterned things, and frequently assumes an aerial perspective, due in part to his love for flying.

Firth says ‘Our world often shows itself to me through little experiences of exquisite beauty. Marvellous, beautiful things are there in the bush for a fleeting moment, and then they’re gone. The flight of a parrot, a ground orchid that comes from nowhere, performs fabulously and then is gone in a couple of days, the bright midday sun and deep shade, the colours of a bruising storm over the dry land.’

In this exhibition, Firth continues to explore his deep love and respect for the natural environment with his bird’s eye view of rivers and streams, arid landscapes, mountains and forests. Accompanying the painted works are a series of whimsical sculptures.


Ray Firth

17 Noonbinna Crescent, Northbridge NSW 2063
Ph 02.9958.4600 | 0425.314.735 |
Born Toowoomba Qld 31.10.50
Attended school in Moree NSW
Studied Architecture at University of NSW, SydneyDegrees
B.Sc. . UNSW 1972
B.Arch. UNSW 1974
M.Arch. UNSW 1984
Ph.D. interrupted by near fatal flying accident Dec 1986 Commenced painting full time around 1991Solo Exhibitions
1992 Burnie Street Gallery, Clovelly, Sydney
1993 Burnie Street Gallery, Clovelly, Sydney
1994 Moree Plains Regional Gallery
1994 Burnie Street Gallery, Clovelly, Sydney
1995 Burnie Street Gallery, Clovelly, Sydney
1996 Fink Gallery, Waverton, Sydney
1997 Fink Gallery, Waverton, Sydney
1998 Fink Gallery, Waverton, Sydney
1998 Fink Gallery, Waverton, Sydney
1999 Fink Gallery, Waverton, Sydney
2000 Framed Gallery, Darwin
2000 Hardware Fine Art, St. Leonards, Sydney
2001 Hardware Fine Art, St. Leonards, Sydney
2001 Vista Blue Gallery, North Sydney
2002 Hardware Fine Art, St. Leonards, Sydney
2003 Framed Gallery, Darwin
2003 Hardware Fine Art, St Leonards, Sydney
2004 Weswal Gallery, Tamworth
2005 Framed Gallery, Darwin
2006 Chase Gallery, Annandale, Sydney
2006 Rinaldi Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne
2007 Weswal Gallery, Tamworth
2007 Hardware Gallery, Enmore, Sydney
2008 Hardware Gallery, Enmore, Sydney
2008 Weswal Gallery, Tamworth
2009 Haydon Hall, Murrurundi
2009 Hardware Gallery, Enmore, Sydney
2009 Framed Gallery, Darwin
2010 Weswal Gallery, Tamworth
2010 Framed Gallery, Darwin
2011 Framed Gallery, Darwin
2011 Qdos Gallery, Lorne
2012 Haydon Hall, Murrurundi
2012 Qdos Gallery, Lorne
2015 Qdos Gallery, Lorne
2015 Moree Gallery 2016 Framed Gallery, Darwin NT. 2017 Qdos Gallery, Lorne, Victoria
2017 Wild Island Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania.

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every night, day bright

Wild Island Tasmania
8/ 33 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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