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Everything and Nothing

Adam Gibson


I am searching for a feeling. An inarticulate atmosphere that pervades some spaces and places.

When a place resonates with this feeling, I make a photograph.

My work explores and deconstructs the essence of both natural and urban landscapes and I am especially interested in those that can be described as unusual. Landscapes that have been overlooked, abstract moments that I discover, and spaces that harbour a heavy ambience. I am searching for places that possess a magical sense of emptiness.

I am drawn to the comforting familiarity that these places provide, along with the infinite prospect of what lies beyond them, and what that might look like.



Adam Gibson’s work is defined by a unique blend of composure and spontaneity. Surveying landscape and humanity with an empathetic eye, he draws inspiration from moments of visual chance and accident that illuminate the everyday.

Drawn to the craft of photography as an inquisitive teenager, his technical proficiency and understanding of image making was honed by a decade of design and creative direction experience, which is evident in his bold and graphic photographic compositions.

With a focus on architectural and lifestyle photography, he works with clients locally and internationally across a broad range of industries.

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Everything and Nothing

3718 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306 Australia

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