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Exhibitions at Moonah Arts Centre – August

Steven Carson, Curious Conversations, Designmade and Richard Jackson


August Exhibitions

Exhibition Dates: Friday 6 August – Saturday 4 September

Southern Heights
Robert Jackson
Since moving to Tasmania in 2019, Robert Jackson has evolved from being a painter of plains grassland landscapes to a painter of mountains and forests. This exhibition of recent work draws its inspiration from the rugged, dramatic vistas of the Far South. The exhibition will also include some Grassland works, some of which are done on “found boards” i.e. pieces of wood found in hard rubbish and the like. The philosophy is that grasslands are undervalued and often seen as an absence rather than a presence. i.e. the absence of houses, shops, roads etc rather than a vibrant eco-system in their own right, and that painting them on “rubbish” was an apt metaphor.

Albert Hallway

Curious Conversations
Featuring work by Carol Buissink, Robin-Mary Calvert, Jenny Miller, Lynn Hasenkam, Melissa MacCrum, and Dawn Oakford.
Four years ago, friends Carol, Dawn, Jenny, Lynn, Mel and Robin-Mary, began getting together regularly to enjoy all things “arty”. Curious Conversations is their first joint exhibition and is a magical mix of their individual talents and the inspirational spark of working in collaboration.” The different media and modes of expression we all use provide fresh creative directions and insights as well as curious contrasts. Works are in ceramic, paint, pen and ink, paper and textiles.

Avago Window

Steven Carson
Unrest explores ways to visualise tension, struggle and disruption as daily forces in opposition to freedom, safety and comfort. Photography served as a rapid means to compile a personal archive of images that documented sites of uprising, unrest, and impact, encountered on the streets of Paris in 2019. These artworks refer to sites where small and large acts of resistance, dissent, and unrest were observed. The preliminary research for this body of work was undertaken during a three-month residency at Cite International des Arts in Paris. It was pre-COVID, and there were many homeless people living in makeshift homes and tents throughout the picturesque Marais district. It was also the time of the weekly Gilets Jaunes protests. I produced a photographic survey of the streets documenting barricades, discarded rubbish, street furniture and public monuments draped with banners, flags and barrier tape. These urban surfaces had been embellished, attacked, and bore visible traces of impact. I photographed the hand-written cardboard signs of the homeless, protestors, workers and refugees.

My aim to expand the act of documentary photography through extreme manipulations of printed images in combination with reclaimed commonplace materials seeks to arouse a sense of place where upheaval, protest and battle have occurred, and where the lives of tourists, residents, homeless and displaced persons intersected.

Steven Carson was supported by the Marie Edwards Travel Scholarship to undertake a Studio Residency at the Rosamond McCulloch Studio, Cite International des Arts, Paris. He is Lecturer in Art and Graduate Research Coordinator at School of Creative Arts and Media, University of Tasmania.

Project Space

Group Exhibition from designmode inc
Featuring work by Andrea Barker, Christine Hannan, David Pannell, Duncan Meerding, Linda Chee, Linda Fredheim, Nanna Bayer, Nataša Milenović , Paul Allen, Penny Malone, Penny Ruthberg, Renata Carmichael, Sara Lindsay, Svend Madsen, Tanya Scharaskin, and Till Julien.
Presented by designedmade inc, Interplay is an exhibition of craft and design objects from the studios of 16 Tasmanian designers and makers, exploring the interplay between materials, process, form, function and imagination.
There will be an artist or designer present most days between 11am and 2pm to talk about the work.

Exhibit Space

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Exhibitions at Moonah Arts Centre – August

Moonah Arts Centre (MAC)
23-27 Albert Road, Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

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