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Exhibitions at Moonah Arts Centre

Emily Jones / Joshua Santospirito / Etienne Boura / Maria MacDermott


Exhibition dates: Fri 16 Oct – Sat 7 Nov
Open Tue — Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat 11am – 3pm, free entry



MONSTER TRUCKS IN THE SUBURBS: Observations on Wonder and Consumption

Emily Jones

Emily Jones sets her scenes in familiar commercial and public spaces. Her work comments of the positive and negative effects of consumerism on our society. It digs a little deeper into the layers of our social fabric.

This exhibition explores themes of the isolation and connection; wonder and nostalgia; the recent coronavirus upheaval; and the impact of consumerism on relationships, quality of life and the environment.



Etienne Boura

Etienne Boura uses collage to explore innermost thoughts, interests and ideologies.

What is our connection with Reality? What is the universe? What did we forget? What is the scope of human intelligence?

We have been searching and seeking answers to deep questions since forever in order to reach higher levels of knowledge and consciousness — questioning all things on earth and beyond.

Etienne’s work visualises his feelings about the connection between human, reality and the universe. The characters in the collages are witnesses or actors of their own discoveries and realisations.



Joshua Santospirito

An exhibition of original comic art from Joshua’s work-in-progress graphic novel Swallows Part Two — a book about searching for ancestors.

In 2018 Josh returned for a holiday to the Aeolian Islands, North of Sicily, from where his father’s family migrated from. His visit filled with snippets of history, amusing family anecdotes and mythology — weaving a story through which Josh attempts to understand what (if any) connection he might have to that place.

With his parents in tow, Josh tries to find out what drove his ancestors to leave those islands for Australia — and why human history is filled with stories of humans constantly on the move.



Maria MacDermott

Maria brings the sensitive topic of mental health and suicide “out” to all who care to look in the window of the MAC Avago Space on Albert Road, Moonah, from 8 Oct until 7 Nov.

This installation of baby clothes portrays a child’s face. The face is based on a photograph of the artist’s brother, around the age of four. Approximately 30 years after this photograph was taken, and after struggling for most of his adult life with yearly bouts of clinical depression, John took his life.

Every suicide is a tragedy that has long-lasting and devastating effects on the people left behind.

Public Loss deliberately coincides with World Mental Health Day on Sat 10 Oct.

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Exhibitions at Moonah Arts Centre

Moonah Arts Centre (MAC)
23-27 Albert Road, Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

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