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In Tasmania, wilderness photography turns art into epiphany, prophecy, proclamation and redemption.


The Extreme exhibition speaks quietly and elegantly for lands pushed to their limits by fire, flood, neglect, isolation or proximity.

In the tradition of masters such as Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis, the Extreme artists have pushed their own limits to give voice to the broken, the forgotten, the fragile, the ravaged and the muted.

The exhibition includes work from the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery’s extensive photographic collection which has been gathered from around the globe in celebration of the natural world. Alongside them are new works by Tasmanian photographers who are constantly finding ways to collaborate with the environment and to bring distant struggles into sharp focus.

These pictures are worth countless words.

Curator: Kylie Eastley
Artists: Rob Blakers, Rick Eaves, Dan Broun, Kelli Nalder, Hillary Younger, Simon Olding, Wolfgang Glowacki, Carol Maney, Peter Dombrovskis and other Tasmanian photographers

Presented by RACT Destinations and Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery. Supported by RACT and Cradle Mountain Hotel

Image: Kelli Nalder, Burnt Tarkine. Courtesy of the artist. 

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The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery
3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

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