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flatland Tricky Walsh

Sculptural and painted works exploring dimensionality by Tricky Walsh


Devonport Regional Gallery 2019 Solo Commission exhibition flatland by Tricky Walsh.

Fundamentally we live in a two-dimensional world. It is Light and its movement around us which allows us to perceive three dimensionality, or Solidness. It is Space and our movement through it which allows us to perceive four-dimensionality, or Time. Based on recent scientific discoveries about the actual potential 2-dimensional nature of our universe, (a string theory off shoot called the holographic principle) and with reference to the novel of the same name written in 1884 by Edwin Abbott Abbott, flatland is a geometric exploration of our universe.

Flashe and acrylic paint on canvas on
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Tricky Walsh

Visual artists

architecture, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, sound, film, comics, radio