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Jillian Brady


Floundering is an extension of the book Floundering: Stories from Cradle Mountain by Tasmanian writer and photographer Jillian Brady. Using photographs, ideas and text this exhibition further explores our often tangled relationships with each other and with the natural environment.


“You are walking into a white landscape. A monochrome environment. A world enveloped, colour drained to reveal its essence. Details of rocks and trees concealed. It is cold. It is silent. It is beautiful. You are alone. How do you feel?

Scared. Nervous. Apprehensive. Isolated. Disorientated. Overwhelmed. Awed. Rejuvenated. Restored. Relaxed. Grateful. Refreshed.

The immensity of the landscape is overwhelming. The lake stretches before you. The mountains tower over you. But look closer. Look for the small things – air bubbles trapped in ice, snow crystals nestled on leaves, the twist of a branch. Listen – for the water tinkling on the shore, a bird calling in the distance, the crunch of snow beneath your feet. The small details are as important as the broad views.

As you stand here – think about this landscape of Cradle Mountain. Think of the mountain watching from deep time, watching the humans who have walked here before you, watching you as you add your footsteps to the story. Think about your life.

You may flounder in the snow. You may flounder in your life. But look for the small things. Look for hope. It is there.

Relax into the mountain. The quietness is pure. This is where you belong.

In coming to the mountain, you can come to yourself.”


Jillian is a Tasmanian-born wanderer, writer and photographer who is constantly inspired by the landscapes and stories of wild places. She has been many things in her life including a librarian and a mushroom picker.

Jillian lives not far from Cradle Mountain with a view of Mt Roland, and shares her life with Giselle the princess cat, a collection of ducks and chickens, and The Beatles who are a band of four naughty sheep.

For more of Jillian’s wandering stories  and photos visit:

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Cradle Mountain Hotel, Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain TAS, Australia

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