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Wolfgang Glowaki


This exhibition by wilderness photographer Wolfgang Glowacki brings together images of response to change, fragility, beauty, transition, temporality, uncertainty and the unknown.

In a year of global upheaval, Wolfgang explores the themes of collective uncertainty around being human during a pandemic and the ever increasing impacts of climate change; on what it means to be in the flux of loss and personal growth; on the stillness of awe and nourishment that being in nature provides whether experienced in our backyards or in wild places. Wolfgang shares these musings and responses with macro, monochrome, underwater and landscape photography.


Wolfgang Glowacki is a landscape photographer based in St Helen, North Eastern Tasmania.  He is passionate about the environment and has a strong connection to the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.  This shines through in all his work.  Wolfgang has an unmistakeable talent for capturing the moods of nature in his own unique style.  Wolfgang tends to photograph alone, completely immersing himself in the quest for the perfect image. Often camping out in freezing temperature, waking in the extremely early hours of the morning in order to set himself up to capture the perfect shot.  He spends many months a year doing this, braving the array of Tasmanian elements to share with you the world as he sees it.



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3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain TAS, Australia

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