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Full Void


Responding to the rich textural qualities of charcoal, Mary Scott and David Edgar explore darkness and the void through a series of abstract architectural and geological spaces.

In contrast to the traditional concept of the void as an empty or vacuous space, the artists engage charcoal as a medium that gives dimensionality to blackness, and explores the visual and psychological responses to dark.

The works exploit connections between charcoal as a natural material derived from the earth and the philosophical and affective dimensions of the architectural void. The exhibition expands the parameters of tonal drawing.

Curator: Eliza Burke
Artists: David Edgar and Mary Scott

Presented by Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Image: Mary Scott, After the Deluge I, 2015, pencil on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Staged Scenery
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David Edgar

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Full Void

Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery – TMAG
Dunn Place, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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