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Thomas- Liam Ryan


Impermanence explores the landscapes of West Coast Tasmania, and how these landscapes have been indelibly shaped by the human presence within them. While evidence of human impact is ubiquitous, both the vastness and ruggedness of the West Coast environment provides an ever present reminder of the relative insignificance of human beings, of our being specs in time. We and our built environments are, like life itself, fleeting and impermanent.

Impermanence questions and challenges the popular marketing cliche of regions like the West Coast being undisturbed, pristine wilderness. It invites a deeper engagement with and reflection about the nature of our relationship with the natural world. Impermanence provides a salutary reminder that we as a species are not the world, and that the world is larger than our conceptions of it.


Thomas-Liam Ryan

As an artistic medium, Thomas-Liam’s photography is as much about documenting subjects for the purposes of having a visual record, as it is about creating stories that reveal the emotional connections to the world he witnesses. Photographing subjects predominantly with an absence of human life creates a sense of isolation, thereby allowing the viewer to witness the ‘everyday’ in ways that they may not have seen or appreciated previously. He documents subjects in an intimate manner, often through themes that include abandoned buildings, modernist shapes and forms of architecture, and the effects of human beings on

what is often referred to as the ‘pristine’ or ‘natural’ landscape. His photographs are as much about creativity as they are about the social documentation of the everyday. Thomas-

Liam’s art aims to evoke a reaction to subjects which people may take for granted or view as mundane, and in so doing create an awareness and appreciation of the environment in which we live.

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Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery
3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

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