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Ineffable: Ice and Light

Paintings and photographs of Antarctica by Cate Blackmore


Poles Apart: The Arctic and the Antarctic.
Cate Blackmore’s wanderlust has taken her to both, the former many times, the latter only recently.

As a painter though, she has long reflected on the colours of these icy landscapes: the interplay, the dance, between ice and light. The artist says ‘what I know as elementary science- ice is frozen water, light is electromagnetic radiation- conflicts with what I see in fragments within a glacial timeline. In the panoply of colour to be discovered in sunlight, in a shade, in cloud or blizzard.’

This series seeks to explore this relationship. To tease out the coincidence of ice and light in a largely unadulterated environment, Antarctica, one that produces something at times unspeakable, ineffable. Enter the cold, but serene world of this landscape in this exhibition where the artist evokes the great chill through her mastery of a new medium for her: cold wax. Its malleability, long open-time, capacity for reworking or re-awakening certain passages has contributed to most of the images.

The muted, matte works seem to exude an icy chill, and combined with breathtaking photographs from her time there, this is an exhibition not to be missed!

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Ineffable: Ice and Light

Wild Island Tasmania
8/ 33 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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