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Interlacing Island

New works by Mandy Renard


‘You didn’t come into this world.  You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.  You are not a stranger here’ Alan Watts

Artist statement:

I am exploring Tasmania as an Interlacing Island, a grand artwork revealing its perfection to those who take the time to see.

Ecosystems are in dialogue, atoms, eons old are continually reforming…… We, at our best, are not so different. We are all that our awareness can perceive, or maybe all that our ancient atoms remember. We are weaving rivers, woody branches and prehistoric birds. We are the dying flames of autumn leaves.

In this exhibition I hope to convey my experience of the interwoven landscape. These etchings are a diary of sorts, reflective impressions of a recent exploration of Northern Tasmania. I travelled, for this show, to many beautiful places, from the big skies of the midlands to Cradle Mountain’s cold slopes and from the gentile parks of Launceston to the breathtaking East coast of the island. During the process of sketching and making notes for these works I realized more than once that it takes time to arrive at a destination.

Although I instantly felt I was seeing the landscapes, with hindsight my first impressions were fuzzy, often akin to the backside of a tapestry. A jumble of beautiful threads and intriguing beauty—but tangled and knotted. After a time of experiencing however the tapestry turned over and I could see more clearly it’s grand plan, it’s interdependent nature and the rich colors, the texture, and the patterns that make a tapestry a thing of astonishing beauty; a perfect interlacing island.

I find it impossible to do justice in expressing experiences such as these but through these images I hope to convey just a little of my experience. Interlacing is the encoding of a digital image, which causes it to slowly clarify in colour and detail over the period of downloading onto your screen. I chose it for the title as this process of slow reveal is true to my deepening experience of and feeling for Tasmania.

Mandy Reynard, 2016.


hand coloured drypoint
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Mandy Renard

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Interlacing Island

Handmark – Evandale
2 Russell Street, Evandale, Tasmania, Australia

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