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A photo study of the 2020 Lockdown on independent venues and small business in Hobart, Tasmania by emerging artist Honni Cox


“Tasmania’s economy has traditionally relied on small businesses, from bars and cafes to hair salons and florists. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has impacted many of these businesses more than any other event in living memory. As a result, we have seen unprecedented levels of closure and unemployment. The paradoxical scenario before us is that in order to continue in the future, we must suffer in the now. In short, to save our society we need to shut down our society.

My inspiration for the portraits came from watching the workers of our independent business’ forced to tiptoe the line between livelihood and life. I was reminded of the subjects that many photo-journalistic images captured from the Great Depression. And while their aesthetic may have slipped into antiquity, the emotions have not.

We do not yet know what our society will look like upon its awakening. There will possibly be a hangover and unease to its initial movements, before a return to normality. My intention is to provide a perspective of various scenes that we are encountering so that upon a return to normality we have documentation of this surreal time. Like images from the Great Depression, having a reference for these events gives us context to the nature of the world we live in. I aim to explore the human and fragile aspects of the current climate and the effect on those of us impacted by it. I document it because like many I can’t fully understand it while it is happening, but hope the work will aid reflection.”
– Honni Cox

Thanks to the following:

Salamanca Arts Centre
Michael Cox Joinery
Dirty Pennies
Gold Bar
Next Door Cafe
Raincheck Lounge
Grinners Dive Bar
Eye Am Hair
Oddfellows Bar and Eatery
Hobart Brewing Company
Captain Blighs
The Page And Cup
Lash and Brown Social
Shoebox Cafe
Willing Bros.
Fiori Florists

Saturday 9 – Monday 18 January 2021
10:00am – 4:00pm daily

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77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point TAS, Australia

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