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Islands – A Speculation

A unique collaboration between three artists whose combined expressions form a commanding voice.


The connections between the two islands of New Caledonia and Tasmania are curious and remarkable. Colonialisation, Indigenous cultures, significant and fraught mining industries, isolation and French exploration all blend to define the character and complexion of both islands.

This project is a collaboration between New Caledonian artist Nicolas Molé, who presented a major installation at the Asia Pacific Triennial last year; Grace Williams, an emerging Tasmanian Aboriginal artist; and her current mentor Jamin. These three artists share a commitment to collaborative creative processes and use street art aesthetics and animation to bring their thoughts to life. Their speculation will create an immersive experience that illuminates islandness, Indigenous experience and contemporary politics.

Artists: Nicolas Molé, Grace Williams & Jamin. Presented by Ten Days on the Island in association with Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Supported by Republic Francaise, Arts Tasmania and Le Pôle export de la musique et des arts de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Death of Walsh
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Visual artists

Explores political and social issues, absurdity and the general masquerade of visual culture

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Islands – A Speculation

Queen Victoria Museum
2 Invermay Road, Invermay, Tasmania, Australia

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