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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Micro Mosaics by Donna Ritchie

An installation by Donna Ritchie


“This installation is a combination of my Arts Residency in Cradle Mountain, my recent international art trips to Hong Kong, UK and Italy, and my exploration of contemporary and ancient mosaic techniques.

I’ve decided to go tinsy tiny; I’ve used miniatures in my work for many years, using matchbox cars, vintage toys etc, so it was only natural that my mosaic art practice downsized as well.

I was lucky to go to Ravenna in Italy late last year to learn the mosaic art of filati* and traditional ancient Roman Micro Mosaic techniques.

The shapes have been inspired by hidden creatures. I find them in the shadows of mountains, in snow drifts, moss, reflected in puddles, in the hollows of trees, in paint spills, hanging off cliff faces, or from a birds view of the edge of the sea.
Creatures are everywhere I see. ”
– Donna Ritchie 

*Filati is a process where glass is heated into a molten ball and then pulled and manipulated into glass threads which are broken up into ‘splinters’ for use.

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Monday 2 – Sunday 29 November 2020

**Installation viewable 24/7