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Jenny Orchard and Dale Richards

A joint exhibition.


In this forthcoming exhibition, Dale Richards’s paintings will be shown in conjunction with the ceramic sculptures of Jenny Orchard. With these two artists, working in tandem, this show is promising to be a visual treat of two and three-dimensional pieces.

Jenny Orchard on her new body of work The Imagined Possibility of Unity:

“The Imagined Possibility of Unity” was the name of my recent installation at the Sid Myer Ceramics Award exhibition at Shepparton, Victoria. This new body of work continues to explore those ideas of community, inclusion and the way we see “outsiders” or those “other” to our accepted norms. They are creatures from my “Hidden Suburbs”.

“Creating spaces where communities thrive outside of normally accepted paradigms must begin with their imaginative conception. I create stories around my creatures which reflect legends and tales from the past, as well as engaging with a world of rapid change where species are drastically disappearing, and where genetic engineering and digital enhancements accelerate.”

Stormy Weather
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Dale Richards

Visual artists

a figurative artist whose characters are occasionally melancholic, but always compelling.



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Jenny Orchard and Dale Richards

Despard Gallery
15 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point TAS, Australia

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