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Lola Greeno – milaythina-nika waranta; waranta milaythina-nika. katina-mana mara. this country is us, and we are this country – my five beaches

A Ten Days on the Island Festival event


Lola Greeno’s shell necklaces capture the timelessness and relevance of Tasmanian Aboriginal culture. They are both part of the physical and spiritual landscape of Tasmania. In this exhibition Lola reveals five ceremonial length necklaces representing each of the beaches where she collects her beloved maireener shells in North West Tasmania.

Handmade papers made from the coastal plants and seaweeds gathered at these beaches by celebrated Tasmanian papermaker, Joanna Gair, will form the backdrop for these ceremonial pieces, providing tangible clues to the nature of the gathering locations without full disclosure, in recognition of the importance of these secret locations in local palawa culture.

Maireener and Black Crow Shell Choker
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Lola Greeno

Aboriginal artists, Designers

one of Australia's National Living Treasues