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Made in China, Australia

work by Chinese Australian artists at QVMAG in Launceston


The migration and settlement of any large racial group in a new host country is complex. The complexity of the Chinese diaspora in Australia can be seen in the distinctive and diverse Chinese Australians living here. These categories are often reduced in the popular imagination to a single Asian stereotype. Made in China, Australia portrays how the different and individual processes of acculturation have impacted in diverse ways on the work of Chinese Australian artists.

The exhibition, curated by Greg Kwok Keung Leong, questions how the work of Chinese Australian artists is affected by the particular Chinese Australian heritage and experiences they have had. Some of the artists in the exhibition were born in Australia, others travelled to Australia in the past and some are recent arrivals which creates subtle differences that arise in the artists’ work due to their particular relationship with the two cultures.

Made in China, Australia investigates contemporary art practices across a range of mediums and disciplines, genders and generations.

Artists in the exhibition include: Tony Ayres, Chen Ping, Shuxia Chen, Clara Chow, Lindy Lee, Kevin Leong, Owen Leong, Liu Xiao Xian, Jane Quon, Pamela Mei-Leng See, Aaron Seeto, Jason Wing, Wi lliam Yang, John Young, Zhou Xiaoping, Tianli Zu.

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Made in China, Australia

Queen Victoria Art Gallery
2 Wellington Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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