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Magical Secrecy Tour

A colourful and silent kinetic experience by Nancy Mauro-Flude.


Nancy Mauro-Flude presents an engaging installation utilising a wireless video camera and radio video transmitter to record her body moving through space. The viewer will be witness to a colourful and silent kinetic action.


Nancy Mauro-Flude is a Tasmanian performing artist and theorist. Her work explores how we articulate the resonances and dissonances between performing arts and computer science, within the context of the contemporary art. Driven by the demystification of technology, and the ‘mystification’ that lie in and through the performance of the machinic assemblage.

Contributing to developments in performing arts, technology and the public domain, Nancy has collaborated with leading institutions and festivals worldwide and has led numerous cross-disciplinary programmes that examine contemporary society in a digital age. Media experimentation and pedagogy form the basis of her work where the computer is approached as a theatre machine. In her experimental artworks, performances and durational events she presents a paradoxical combination of satire and transcendentalism (she prefers to perform the political, than merely represent it). Mauro-Flude’s performance work most often involves computational machines where by touching and divining their inner parts. She engages bespoke technologies to open up systems in order to execute in unusual ways.

Nancy was awarded an MA in Media Design, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (2007). In 2008 she was an Honorary Researcher at Slade School of Fine Art in Electronic Media, and recently completed a PhD, University of Tasmania, researching the performance of code and the dramaturgy of transmission in contemporary art. Under various pseudonyms she actively works to fuse radical forms of open culture with educational and social structures, with particular focus upon relatively conservative and weakly networked regions and communities. Nancy co-founded Moddr \avant creative-industrial complex! a medialab in Rotterdam. She is the International currency officer for Dyne, a free software foundry and developer for the Genderchangers Academy and the ecletctic tech carnival [fete] an annual event for artists and developers working with free and open source software, hardware where these
events actively change the ‘gender’ of technology.

As founder of Miss Despoinas Critical Engineering Space along with other events, she curated ~/encoding_experience/IO_October 2008_I8:00_EST ~t at Plimsoll Gallery (2008), My Avatar Glenorchy Works Festival (2010) and Networked Art And TacticalMagick Faerie Circuitd presented at CAT (2013) where artists, programmers and thinkers from the front line of the maker aesthetic, collaborate with local Tasmanian artists.

Published internationally in print and online, her work is commissioned, exhibited and performed in Australia, UK, Europe, North/South-America and Asia for events and venues including: Kutldthale, Vienna, Trasmediale, Berlin; WORM, Rotterdam; ISBA 2013-2009-2005; FILE, Gallery Vermelho, Sao Paulo; Critical Path, Artspace, Sydney, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery; Contemporary Art. Museum of New and Old Art MONA, Tasmania;  Netherland New Media Art Institute, Amsterdam; Brighton Digital Fedtilla~ UK; and STUK, Belgium. She was been artist-in-residence at Somatic Movement Institute (2000-1); DasArts: advanced institute for Performance Art Amsterdam School of Art (2001-4); Waag Society for New & Old Media (2003-5); and at SUBOTRON, Museum Quartier, Vienna (2008).

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Magical Secrecy Tour

Devonport Regional Gallery
45-47 Stewart Street, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia

Devonport Regional Gallery

145-151 Rooke St, Devonport TAS 7310

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