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Marique Potens 

featuring Pyrate Queen Paraphernalia


Marique Potens highlights the talismanic logic of island cultures and their relationship with the sea. Drawing upon nautical mythology it explores the mysterious relationship  we have with codes, paraphernalia and other things we can not fully comprehend but often adopt or opt in to.

Artist Nancy Mauro-Flude is also presenting a large scale installation and performance called Divination as part of Dark Mofo.



Nancy Mauro-Flude is an art-punk provocateur: a writer, producer, curator, interdisciplinary artist and prolific performer. Her work explores how we articulate the resonances and dissonances between performing arts and computer science, within the context of contemporary art. Driven by the demystification of technology, and the ‘mystification’ that lie in and through the performance of the machinic assemblage.

Gray magics, hijackings, driftings and seizures of power are many of the sensitive and subversive subterfuges by which the artist urges, twist and explores the esthetic politic of the open source spirit.

Contributing to developments in performing arts, technology and the public domain, Nancy has collaborated with leading institutions and festivals worldwide and has led numerous cross-disciplinary programmes that examine contemporary society in a digital age.

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Marique Potens 

Bett Gallery
‪Level 1 /65 Murray Street‬, Hobart

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