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Mary Scott and Simon Blau

Curated together for their contrasting styles, Scott and Blau bring a wealth of artistic experience, highlighting the significant role painting continues to play in contemporary art.


Opening Wednesday 23 October at 5.30pm

Despard Gallery is proud to present a joint exhibition by renowned contemporary artists Mary Scott and Simon Blau.  Each artist will be presenting a new body of work that uses paint to explore the link between physical and non-physical spaces.  This includes the manipulation of the material world through action, interpretation, representation and abstraction.

Vignettes: New Paintings by Mary Scott

Two reoccurring themes within Mary’s multidisciplinary arts practice includes the positioning of the human body within political and social discussions, as well as our relationship to nature, specifically the manipulation of the material world.  This new body of work features portraits together with people residing in interior spaces.  Drawing on the cinematic language of photography, compositions have evolved as visual hybrids, intensifying the ambiguity between contemporary urban social reality and individual identity.

Abstracts by Simon Blau

Within his work, Simon uses abstraction to represent the link between materiality and immateriality.  His work explores the various role of paint, including action and interpretation, using it to record of his creative intentions, thoughts and choices.

‘This new work is using as its’ subject, the space between an image and its’ surroundings. In an attempt to reconcile the tension that may exist between different areas, I am giving significance to the relationship of a work in its’ context.’

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Mary Scott and Simon Blau

Despard Gallery
15 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point TAS, Australia

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