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Paintings by David Lake

The point of inspiration always being a glimpse of light.


“This exhibition comprises paintings mostly produced from the second half of 2015 into early 2016. The picture titles sometimes suggest season and time of day, showing their particular lights, a rich inspiration for me.

Though the visual is my expression, in execution all senses are under constant observation. I work in silence, a quality often noted in the pictures and enjoyed by viewers of like mind. My pictures are drawn from a strong desire for harmony and balance; detail noticed often interpreted by the beholder rather than actual. Subject matter is broad and varied, often ‘constructed’ rather than of any specific location; the point of inspiration always being a glimpse of light.

The enjoyment of them comes from you.” David Lake

David Lake - Autumn around the Levy - Longford
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David Lake

Visual artists

Colour is the device which helps convey the richnes in David Lake's paintings.

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Paintings by David Lake

Gallery Pejean
57 George Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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