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Nearly 50 Useful Things

An exercise in commitment in the world of amateur craft.


At any given time, someone somewhere is following a pattern to make something in their free time. They may be following a pattern using a familiar technique or they may be trying something completely new. These are acts of relaxation, exploration, frustration and commitment; and they are commonly known as crafts – practised, refined, practised, refined, practised again, and sometimes discarded.

Lucia Usmiani is an amateur craftsperson as well as an artist. The volume of carefully crafted objects in this show have been made by following the patterns in a home craft book. The project employs crochet and knitting techniques but could equally focus on gardening or woodwork. The work is in conversation with other amateur makers. Lucia is curious about what they do, why they do it and if they ever finish it. She looks at how these activities can contribute to art practice as well as the wellbeing of civil society. Nearly 50 Useful Things considers the value of seemingly banal handmade objects and demonstrates the labour and time intensive processes that are involved in living this commitment to complete a project. The exhibition remains a work in progress.

As an adjunct to this project, an exhibition by artists and craftspeople from the east coast will also be presented.

Artist: Lucia Usmiani

Presented by Ten Days on the Island. Supported by Arts Tasmania and Break O’Day Council

Image of Lucia Usmiani's sculpture, 'South Pacific'.
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Lucia Usmiani

Visual artists

Unique sculptures formed from a variety of found and recycled items

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Nearly 50 Useful Things

Gallery Parnella, Cecilia Street, Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia

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