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An exhibition of photography by emerging artist Tim Petrovic


Tim is a local artist who finds beauty in even the most mundane of local scenes. To see the world through his eyes is a special privilege. Tim’s photographic practice has been growing steadily over recent years and this look back over his enormous catalogue shows an artist growing in confidence.


Living off Kodak Moments since childhood, Timothy had a camera near him for most of his life, finally graduating from family owned to “all his own” in the winter of 2005 when he purchased his first Digital Camera.

He has been developing his photographic eye for nature & the love of photography ever since.

My passion is in nature. To dwell in it, capture it, to explore. Taking away a photograph from a scene is giving thanks & acknowledging the moment in front of you. That feeling of being in the presence of something far greater than you is literally wonderful: a natural high. The knowledge of being so close to the world but not displacing it, being able to record and appreciate it with a simple photograph is a fine thing indeed. I’m always trying to push myself, to do justice to the world, to frame it as best I can, to capture the essence of the scene in front of me. It’s an enduring pursuit, an endless chase that crafts me into discovering who I truly am. So you live for the adventures, the moments, the nature of it all.

It’s something every photographer understands & right now, for me, it’s leading to some breathtakingly beautiful places.
Martha Lavinia Beach, King Island King Island

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King Island Arts & Cultural Centre
Edward Street, Currie TAS 7256, Australia

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