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New Perspectives in Watercolour – Graeme Whittle

Delivering a series of Tasmanian landscapes with new perspectives in watercolour.


The watercolour landscapes in this show vary considerably in approach. Some of them are very direct with a single perspective viewpoint while others have multiple viewpoints – hence the title of the exhibition.

Some of the work has been painted with the intention of conveying a sense of being in that place.  To Graeme a painting really works when one can hear the waves, feel the wind or the snow; when the picture starts to affect senses other than just vision.  A sense of synaesthesia in other words. Others have more of a narrative and offer the viewer a journey into the landscape.

The main thing is to relax with the work and let the secrets of the paintings reveal themselves over time.


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New Perspectives in Watercolour – Graeme Whittle

Gallery Pejean
57 George Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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