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Ocean and Earth

Group exhibition of Wild Island artists


In this exhibition of contrasts Wild Island artists explore the extremes of environment on the island. From serene seascapes to scorched bare earth and bush fires. Turbulent undercurrents, to tranquil, verdant rainforests. Tasmanian landscapes are rich and varied and there is an ever present dichotomy between the dry east coast, and the heavy rainfall and rugged terrain of the west. Between the scorching summer sun and the dark fog of winter.

For Tasmanian artists, the landscape and the climate is an ever-present, ever-changing source of inspiration. Mixed media works explore these ideas. In Peter Dombrovskis’ large format photographs, lush, voluptuous seaweeds contrast with angular rocky outcrops. Irene Koroluk’s textile works explore the richness of endemic botanicals with textured layers of thread. Anna Berger utilises ‘tetra-pack’ plates to explore a colonial vision of discovery via her delightful hand-coloured works depicting the flora and fauna of the island. Amanda Walker meticulously records her observations on wild Maatsuyker Island in her landscapes delineated by weather observations and recordings.

There is something for everyone in this group hang. Bold colourful works, sit alongside introspective and detailed pencil drawings. Come and explore this uniquely Tasmanian yin and yang running through the month of June.

Artists include: Amanda Walker, Anna Berger, Chris Kerruish, Dane Chisholm, Eve Howard, Helen Barnard, Jenny Groves, Kath Sinkora, Pamela Jones, Peter Dombrovskis, Ray Firth and Robbie Burrows


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Ocean and Earth

Wild Island Tasmania
8/ 33 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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