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Be conscious. Oneness is to be conscious.


Long long time ago, before the Big Bang, the only existence was consciousness. The pure energy of consciousness was the only Being.

What we see, what we listen, what we experience, all of them are the world of our consciousness.

Artist Tsugumi Tanaka started to make jewelries using stones and wood since she has visited to Tasmanian rainforest first time in 2013. In Japan, stones are called ISHI, trees are called KI. Combining this words, she invented jewelries called ISHIKI jewelries. Which means Consciousness jewelries in Japanese.

Though her installation and poetry, she is going to tell us the importance of being conscious and the great power of consciousness… Who am I?

We are connected by consciousness; Connection makes us to be aware.

Awareness teach us wisdom. Wisdom brings us love. Love let you to be your true self. To be your true self allows you to be free… Who am I?

Live with freedom, liberation, Abundance, Harmony… Who am I?

We are all different.
So that’s why we are all right.
The individual characters keeping harmony with others will gradually melt together.

Tuesday 1 – Wednesday 30 November 2016

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77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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