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Products of Conception

Work by emerging artist Emma Magnussen-Reid


The inaugural Salamanca Arts Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship 2017, featuring the work of Emma Magnussen-Reid.

Natural versus unnatural, much of the time we are surrounded by things that perplex us, physical anomalies and contradictions that are outside of our control.

“My life so far as a white female in her early twenties, has been just that. Existing in this physical form perplexes me, it is at times intimidating, but provides an endless absurdity that I embrace. My work generally gives the experience of deformation of the human body. Textile sculptures that are organic in their appearance with anthropomorphic qualities sing of ambiguity and curiosity. I have my own personal connections to this work but it is the experience of the viewer that provides the power. These forms have the ability to be offensive for no real reason, despite the fact they are nonfigurative and created from humble materials.  Those are the reactions that engage me; to express disdain towards something that should evoke empathy reveals a part of the character.

I have always intensely observed my own body; the way it reflects who I am, the imperfection, the countless strange marks and questionable sicknesses it can be struck by. The internal is not something I can see but only imagine; my practice focuses on abstracting the reality of ‘parasites’ of the body, things that we all carry around in our own way (literally and metaphorically). I create these highly crafted and visceral objects to amplify the paradoxes that are present within humans, they are materially relatable and tactile in their touch. The making engagement is compulsive and at times parasitic.

My work is artificial but represents things that are inherently natural. It is the space between an artificial world and the environment that overlap, it’s as if I’m creating a new form of nature.”
-Emma Magnusson-Reid

Friday 9 – Thursday 29 June 2017
9:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday
10:00am – 1:00pm Saturdays / Public Holidays

Thursday 8 June 2017 @ 5:30pm
Exhibition to be opened by Joe Bugden, Acting SAC CEO and Jan Hogan, TCoTA

Saturday 10 June 2017, 12:00noon – 1:00pm

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Products of Conception

77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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