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Relicts: Exploring the Flora of Gondwana

Photographic Exhibition


Relicts: Exploring the Flora of Gondwana features the large format film photography of Australia photographer Mark Darragh.

A photographic journey through space and time, this exhibition highlights the unique endemic flora of Tasmania but also explores the botanical relationships which it shares with the Australian mainland, New Zealand and South America; relationships which can be traced back through geological time to the ancient super continent of Gondwana.

The photographs themselves also represent the parallel journey of the artist, spanning a period of 18 years, from 2001 to 2019 and landscapes from Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, New Zealand and Chilean Patagonia.



With an educational background in ecology and environmental science Mark Darragh’s photographic work reflects a life-long interest in natural history. Focusing on the temperate forests and alpine ecosystems of the Pacific Rim, Darragh documents change, both as a result of human impact and natural causes, in the natural environment.  He began working with large format film cameras in 1998 and, since 2003, has specialised in working with 4×5″ and 8×10″ film, mostly in colour, but in recent years returning to shooting monochrome.

Darragh’s colour work in particular can be described as coming from a purist perspective, with the intention of presenting the natural landscape unaffected, without excessive manipulation. His goal to create a photograph that faithfully records the subject and, in turn, to produce a print which conveys a true sense of light, time and place.

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Relicts: Exploring the Flora of Gondwana

3718 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS, Australia

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