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Remanence (n.): the residual magnetism and invisible forces that linger long after an initial object (or event) has been detached.


This exhibition examines how fire shapes landscape and impacts on the psyche of people whose homelands are affected by fire. It draws together Tasmanian artists working across a range of mediums including interactive video, jewellery, architectural performance, sculpture and furniture.

The artists envisage fire as a destructive force and ever-present threat, as well as a mechanism of renewal and a sculpting force across the island. Engagements include Gay Hawkes’ documentation of loss to fire, Philip Blacklow’s thermally modified furniture and Neil Haddon’s vibrant paintings. Art-science works by Peter Davies, Joe Shrimpton and Bill Hart explore environmental cycles and chance events.

“You think … well, it couldn’t have happened. That place down there, that place I loved, it must be still there.”  – Gay Hawkes.

Curators: Noel Frankham, Kit Wise, Svenja Kratz and Zoe Veness

Artists: Philip Blacklow, Lucy Bleach, Dorita Hannah & Sean Coyle, Neil Haddon, Jan Hogan, Joe Shrimpton & Bill Hart, Gay Hawkes, Zoe Veness, Martin Walch, Peter Davies, Lynn Davies & Rachael Rose and Rob Long

Presented by University of Tasmania (Tasmanian College of the Arts)

Image: Neil Haddon, The First Time (Castra), 2014, enamel paint and clear coat on aluminium panel. Courtesy of the artist, Bett Gallery and This Is No Fantasy

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Domain House, Glebe, Tasmania, Australia

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