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Residue: Ally McKay and Tess Mehonoshen

‘Residue’ explores what remains after a core is lost.


‘Residue’ explores that which remains behind after a core is lost. Brisbane based artists Ally McKay and Tess Mehonoshen depict a delicate but prevailing determination to rebuild and plough forward through loss, using material and spatial relationships to convey intimate experiences.

Both artists share an affinity to material processes, working with found and sourced materials to create minimal sculpture and installation based work. They draw out the raw potential in their materials, relying on inherent qualities; playing upon and exaggerating strengths and weaknesses to layer meaning within their work. Paying particular attention to the site-specificity of the Schoolhouse Gallery, the artists’ works seek to strike a balance between both hiding within the space, and intruding upon it.


Ally McKay is a Brisbane based artist, graduating from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours in 2015. Ally situates her practice as part of the text and image dichotomy, using the concept of material poetics to convey subtleties of the lived experience. How do we describe an event when the language we use effectively alters its representation? Ally is concerned with translating moments of vulnerability to consider the nature of relationships, the inevitable grief that must accompany love, and most recently the nature of instability.


Tess Mehonoshen examines the contemporary phenomena of transient living and the ensuing disconnection that occurs with loss of place. Using sourced Cootharaba red clay and industrial concrete on a cotton muslin substrate, Mehonoshen seeks to both mimic and disrupt the separation between urban and rural through material ambiguity, thereby questioning such categorisations of ‘place’. Natural processes of erosion and disintegration are exposed within the installation objects ephemeral substrate, which remain in a continual state of decay. In this, Mehonoshen exposes the vulnerabilities and boundaries of the materials, toying with and straining their properties beyond inherent and intended use, to a point of distress and ruin.

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Residue: Ally McKay and Tess Mehonoshen

Schoolhouse Gallery at Rosny Farm
lot 2 Rosny Hill Road, Rosny Park, Tasmania, Australia

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