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Scattered at the seams


Milly Yenchen’s unique and thought provoking works are sure to capture the imagination and ignite the surrealist within.

The exhbition opens Friday 13 January 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

ink on paper by Milly Yencken
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Milly Yencken

Visual artists

Engaging still and moving pictures that will not dissapoint.

“Picture a place where everything is made of glass. Like sheets of liquid, or a texture of plastic at boiling point.

A place that is both transparent and fragile.

Established over grounds that shift, or an earthquake that could stir at any moment.

The idea of home is stretched further from its shape.

Whilst the horizon is without its line and the buildings are constructed from bricks no greater than water.

With every turn of the ground. These structures, will fall.

And reform.

The figures that lie in the in-between, may appear present, but remain removed.

Tethered to isolation despite the company.

Their features obscured as if caught in motion, and yet the body remains idle.

Past and present runs parallel when the surface is provoked.

The ground gives and what rests above, sinks like stone.

Whilst the sense of self unravels at the stitch.

For in this place of shifting density, the surface is without its grip.”

Milly Yunchen

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Scattered at the seams

Bett Gallery
‪Level 1 /65 Murray Street‬, Hobart

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