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Weather Events

An exhibition from Penny Mason.


Exhibition Opening 6:00 pm Thursday, 31 May 2018.

Penny Mason explores parallels between the material processes that govern the evolution of her watercolour images and elements that shape the physical environment. Weather Events explores the influence of gravity and temperature on the flow of water and the dispersal of sedimentary material.

No single element in these artworks can be reliably identified. Instead, each surface or incident is construed as a constellation of possibilities: sunspots, skin spots, shallow water, ice, cumulus cloud, aeroplane shadow, reflection on glass, shell fragment, ceramic shard, rock pool, Petri dish, nebulae, styrene beads…

The paintings in this exhibition suggest fragments of landscape features, and imagine the energy, turbulence and ephemerality of the phenomena that mark them. The irregular forms and their random placement suggest the state of continuous emergence which characterises the earth’s dynamic systems.

Image: Penny Mason, Weather Events (detail), 2017, Watercolour on paper.
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Weather Events

Moonah Arts Centre (MAC)
23-27 Albert Road, Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

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