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Conversations with the Artists

Cath Robinson | Nikala Bourke


Conversations With The Artist: 1pm Sat 21 Jul

Join Nikala and Cath for Conversations with the Artists form 1pm on Sat 21 Jul. This is a free, casual event where you can meet artists currently exhibiting at MAC and hear more about the stories and inspirations behind their exhibition.

Cath Robinson’s recent work explores resonance, the nature of ideas and the intangibility of thought, sound and spaces.

Field notes, written by Robinson while recording a set of waves at Bruny Island on June 24, 2014 read: “Sitting on the beach, warm and soft and sandy, my best place to think. Almost mesmerised listening to the waves. Every wave is a choir: it’s a front and a backwash occurring sometimes at the same time, over and over – its music to me.”

Initial field recordings were developed into Pianola rolls, then to an 18th Century Regina Music Box disk, and in this iteration 16 singers from the Southern Gospel Choir respond to a slowed version of the sound.

Nikala Bourke’s work celebrates water and the emotional and cathartic pull that arises when we consider and experience its materiality. Here, the mystery and enigmatic nature of water is reflected in the wet exposure process of creating water photograms.

Large sheets of photographic light-sensitive paper are immersed in the waters of Browns River in Kingston at night and exposed with flash-light to reveal waves, ripples and reflections of the river bed, debris, sand and seaweed, through to dark and mysterious exposures that are reminiscent of the creation of the universe. By employing this immediate, contact-based and camera-less technique, a unique imprint of the interaction with water and landscape is created.

Water and Wave Forms is open from Fri 29 Jun – Sat 21 Jul at Moonah Arts Centre.


Image: Cath Robinson, Wave/wave form choir (detail) 2017. Photo: Peter Angus Robinson

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Conversations with the Artists

Moonah Arts Centre (MAC)
23-27 Albert Road, Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

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