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Small Island, Big Sea by Helen Barnard

A Celebration of Tasmania’s Marine Life in Watercolour


Helen Barnard moved to Tasmania in 2011 and was enchanted and inspired by the beautiful and unique flora and fauna on the fascinating wild island. It evoked a curiosity and a desire to explore and understand this new landscape and it’s inhabitants.

Helen picked up a brush after years of neglecting to remember the enjoyment in the hours spent as a child drawing the natural world.

Her first sell-out show at Wild Island in 2016 was titled ‘Once Upon a Branch’ and focused on Tasmanian birds. Her delicately detailed works and delightfully, gentle feathered-characters endeared them to her audience.

Now, in this exhibition, Helen turns her attention to the under-water world of Tasmania’s rich and varied sea-life.

After taking up diving, Helen found herself captivated by the characters of the deep: weedy sea dragons and a variety of weird and wonderful fish.

Come and discover what lies beneath the surface in this exhibition of Tasmania’s marine life brought to life by Helen’s brush and unique vision.

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Small Island, Big Sea by Helen Barnard

Wild Island Tasmania
8/ 33 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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