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Sustainable Bling

Four contemporary jewellery-makers re-imagine 'waste'.


Showcasing the work of Australian jewellery-makers who utilise anthropogenic debris in their work, this exhibition offers an important environmental message about human consumption and waste. It asks us as a society to question what we deem ‘valuable’ and ‘precious’ and how far we are willing to go to adorn ourselves at the expense of our natural resources.

This group exhibition includes the work of Pennie Jagiello (VIC), Mel Young (NSW), Sophie Carnell (TAS) and Regina Middleton (VIC), all of whom work within  the medium of ‘wearable waste’. This exhibition of stunning contemporary jewellery is created almost entirely from ‘waste’- from marine debris, to packaging, to industrial bi-products all reimagined with the utmost skill and care.

Wild Island is also running a series of workshops in conjunction with the show. These enable locals to participate in a proactive way in waste reduction. It is easy to become overwhelmed with negativity & hopelessness when approaching plastic pollution, and this exhibition and related events hope to replace these messages with optimism and hope. ‘Sustainable Bling’ demonstrates the gallery’s commitment to promoting environmental issues in an interesting, accessible and visually appealing way.

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Sustainable Bling

Wild Island Tasmania
8/ 33 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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