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The Absence of Presence



In this exhibition contemporary Tasmanian artist, GINA, turns her gaze from our sometimes, too wondrous landscape, to the trees within it.

Dying, large tracts of land have become, or are becoming, denuded of trees. Trees make rain. 
The wind blows and there is no rain.

Gina is drawn to the beautiful shapes of individual trees, (mainly Eucalypts,) highlighted by isolating them from the landscape. Blue, to catch the eye, creating Presence; solitary, fragile, gentle.

A moment of contemplation. Not-yet nor no-longer, when enough things are absent, the absence takes on a presence of its own.



As an artist that feels unconstrained by process or media, Gina enjoys working freely in a process-driven, research approach that involves deconstructing and reassembling work and ideas in an experimental way. She is drawn to the language of marks, accident and serendipity allowing her to adopt an expressive, exploratory approach, as a way to examine, reinterpret and reimagine.

Inspired by landscape, language and a need to establish a sense of place with a deep love of the Tasmanian landscape, she builds on her own history and mapping.

Current works explore the nature of trees and the wider aspects of ‘Being’ in relation to her Hungarian heritage with idle ideas of uprooting, fitting in and stability.

Largely self-taught and coming to full-time art the last 6 years after a life of employment, Gina has a passion for art, working every day out of her studio in East Devonport. Her method of working usually involves some form of initial research and investigation such as repeated visits to a location, or deep research into a subject. This is as much a part of the work as the end result.

Whilst starting points to her work may vary, she seeks a sense of mystery, an unsettling in the imagery and ways to convey a narrative, often not immediately tangible.

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The Absence of Presence

3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain Tasmania, Australia

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