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Proof of Life: The Homesickness Project

Is survival a sufficient condition for our existence, or is there more to being human?


The Homesickness Project is a roving, multi-platform, collaborative project in search of home. Its thesis is that the role of the world as a home for its citizens is under threat and that collectively, we are increasingly homesick.

Artists, subject matter experts, community groups and the general public will participate in a series of events that elaborate on and investigate possible answers to these questions: What does it mean to be civilised against an increasingly market-driven system of social values? What is required from our environment for us to thrive?

The ensuing discussions, lectures, performances, demonstrations and exhibitions will invite public contribution and form the basis for new Tasmanian projects that will return to the gallery later in the year.

An opportunity to observe and participate in the creative development of collaborative, socially-engaged art works.

Curators: Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong

Artists: Lisa Garland, Paul Gazzola & Laura Purcell, Bridgette Watts, Elizabeth Woods & Kevin Leong, Abdul Hakim Hashemi Hamidi, Dalibor Martinis, Dr Elaine Stratford, Belinda Winkler, Ian Pidd, Daphne Keramidas, James Newitt, and Hussen Ibraheem & Ameen Nayfeh

Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre. Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Tasmania and Contemporary Art Tasmania

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Lisa Garland

Visual artists

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Proof of Life: The Homesickness Project

Long Gallery
Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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