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Wild – Time Critical

Richard Bugg & Warren Frey


Wild – Time Critical is a collection of photographs taken by Firefighter Warren Frey and Paramedic Richard Bugg during their work as emergency responders in remote Tasmanian environments.  Captured over the past seven years during training exercises and when responding to fire, rescue and medical emergencies this body of work depicts a unique dimension of the human – landscape interaction, from the perspective of the emergency responder.



For the last 20 years, Richard has been a Paramedic based in Hobart, working both in urban environments and in remote locations across Tasmania. To reach the more far-flung places he travels by helicopter, by foot, and occasionally, by boat.

Before working as a paramedic, Richard trained in Outdoor Education, and made a living as a tour guide on the Overland Track, and in National Parks including Frenchman’s Cap and the Walls of Jerusalem. The skills and experience gained as a guide later assisted Richard when he commenced work in the wilderness response squad as a paramedic.

In parallel with his work in the outdoors, and as a paramedic, Richard has a long-standing passion for photography. Over the years, he has undertaken corporate, wedding, portrait and editorial photographic assignments, in addition to personal projects.

Warren had worked as a Firefighter in Hobart for almost 10 years when he realised that there was little photographic record of the people he worked with. So, he picked up a camera as the situation allowed, and began documenting his daily work. Apart from his work attend building fires, road-crash rescues, marine fires and hazardous material incidents, Warren has also ventured into wilderness areas to train his team members in vertical rescue techniques, and to fight remote wildfires.

Outside of his work with the Tasmanian Fire Service Warren’s interest in photography has led to a range of commercial assignments for local and interstate clients.

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Wild – Time Critical

The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery
3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

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