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The Pacific Specific

The Pacific is going down the gurgler


Installation by Donna Ritchie.

The Pacific is going down the gurgler.
Climate change. Water rising. Fish dying. Etc etc etc …
It seems to be all doom and gloom at the moment.
Armageddon stuff.

With the installation The Pacific Specific Donna Ritchie explores the water level consequences of climate change, looking in detail to the pacific islands.

Using the tongue twister title says that we are finding the solution to climate change hard to master.

Some can say it easily and some can’t say it all.

Taro Island in Solomon Islands is the first capital city in the world that will probably need to be relocated due to the rising water levels. Plans have been made up to move the 500 or so residents. But they don’t have the millions to deal with the relocation.

Who is going to pay? And who will pay for the next one and the one after that?

Sadly in the end though, we’re all paying for the irresponsible people who continue to abuse the nature of our planet and it’s systems.

Wednesday 1 – Friday 31 March 2017

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The Pacific Specific

77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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