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The Silver Lining

The endless possibilities, the beautiful potential and the infinite value of rubbish.


We live in a throwaway age. In a gesture toward reconciling this dilemma, artist Ritchie Ares Doña transforms the most mundane, unwanted materials into new form. For this particular work, fast food wrapping is the primary material. With meticulous precision and seemingly endless repetition Ritchie has recovered thousands of redundant food packets and given them another purpose.

By engaging communities through their libraries and schools, he has enlisted the help of hundreds of willing hands to bring thousands of bits of rubbish together into a luminous, triumphant cloud.

This project stimulates reflection on the value of the stuff we use and the never-ending hope generated through creative experience.

Coordinator: Jess Panday, Literacy Services, Launceston LINC
Artist: Ritchie Ares Doña

Presented by LINC Tasmania, Burnie City Council and Ten Days on the Island. Supported by 26Ten.

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The Silver Lining

Burnie City Council, Tasmania, Australia

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