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Three textile exhibitions at Rosny Farm

Contemporary and traditional textiles across 2 venues.


Getting There by Jess McCaughey:
Getting There explores the individual life paths we are on, and the togetherness we feel as we walk these paths alongside each other. The exhibition presents nearly 100 standing spirit bears in single file around the entire room. Each bear is the same size; however they each have a unique colour, texture and character. You will be able to read about each bear’s personal story and onward journey. The exhibition is a furry celebration of life’s journey – the bears and our own.

Collecting Women by Chantale Delrue:
While learned men studied Latin, science and medicine at institutions, it often was the women who had the practical knowledge of grassroots medicine. They collected specimens for the scientists such as Joseph Banks and Frederick von Mueller as well as for the apothecaries who sold their wares at exorbitant prices.
The historic cottage is the setting of Chantale Delrue’s latest exhibition. Drawing on her fascination for medicinal herbs inherited from her mother, Delrue combines drawing, painting and textile works to delve into the historical stories of women collecting herbs, botanizing and doing embroidery.
Actual plant materials are used to produce some of the works. Smell and sound add to the immersive environment of the domestic cottage.

City of Clarence Biennial Textile & Fibre Exhibition:
Tasmania’s longest running Textile & Fibre exhibition is in its 23rd year. This exhibition is open to all artists working in both contemporary and traditional textile media, with this year’s theme ‘made by hand’.


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Three textile exhibitions at Rosny Farm

Schoolhouse Gallery at Rosny Farm
lot 2 Rosny Hill Road, Rosny Park, Tasmania, Australia

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